Sunday, September 6, 2009

I can't believe it has been a month!

Mikayla is one month old. Thirty one days ago she was tucked away inside of my belly and we had no idea who we were going to meet. In just 4.5 short weeks she has begun to show us a little bit of her personality...


Reflexively grabs my finger as she holds my heart.

Figured out how to smile which completely melts my heart.

Smiles more at the trees outside then any of us, which makes me laugh.

Loves laying on the ground to look out the window.

Hates sitting in her bouncy seat or swing when the music and lights are on.

And finally, Mikayla

Has no idea her big sister has BIG plans for her as she gets older. Mallory will lay down on the floor next to her and tell her all of her big plans. Mikayla will make all sorts of faces as if she is listening so intently to what is being said. Examples of these big plans include sleeping in bunk beds, playing with an aquadoodle and riding on bikes together...should be an interesting few years :)

We survived the first month! The hardest part of the first month clearly was Mallory's adjustment. Minimal to outsiders, but to me I felt like this was changing who she was. I felt like my fun little 3 year old was thrust into being the big sister and was going to forever be fighting for my attention. Thankfully we are through with that and she is the same old Mallory she has always been.

Some of our latest pictures...
It is so hard to be a whole month wears a baby out!

Mikayla found her hair recently. It is pretty long in the back and wrapping her fingers around it seems to comfort her--until she pulls her hand away without letting go of her hair. She pulls her own hair and is not too happy about it.

She likes to hide her smile--this is the closest I've gotten without the picture being blurry. If only I could dress up like a tree, then I'd be sure to get a few good smiley pictures. Oh well--more smiles to come in the upcoming weeks and months.


Amy said...

she is ADORABLE!!! congrats again and I love how Mallory has all her plans. sooo cute!

Pam said...

Oh, she's so pretty!!! Can't wait to meet her in person.