Monday, August 31, 2009

The great campout

Brent and Mallory went deep into the woods of Woodbury for a camp out this past weekend. Mallory has been wanting to go camping in a tent for a few months and Brent agreed and thought he should get it in before the weather got too cold. This being her first camping trip we weren't exactly sure how it would all go. We headed to the most accommodating campsite we know of--Camp Crandall. That's right, Brent and Mallory pitched the tent in Grandpa Crandall's backyard. I was never really invited, but Mikayla and I decided to crash the fun anyways. We camped inside the cozy house while Brent and Mallory braved the abnormally cool August night and stayed in the tent.

Mallory was very excited. She helped with the tent. She set up her bed inside with a sleeping bag and all of her stuffed animals. She had her own flashlight and brought along books to read by flashlight before bed. Sleeping on the same mattress as her cool! We had a campfire where we attempted to pop popcorn and then roasted marshmallows and made smores.

Apparently Brent thought size did matter when he registered for the largest tent at Target before we got married. The Taj as we call it has hosted several couples at one time and proves to be the perfect size for a couple who goes camping for social reasons vs snuggling in the great outdoors.

Our neighbors dropped off an "over the campfire popcorn popper". I was super excited to try it out. It didn't come with any instructions...but really how hard could it be to make popcorn over the fire? Ha. Brent kept telling me I should go over to the neighbors to ask them how to do it. Come on this is going to be EASY. Here we are prepping for the big bowl of popcorn.

Yeah. Like a man not stopping for directions when they are lost- I really screwed up the popcorn by not asking how to roast it over the fire. Take a look. It isn't just burnt--it was on fire.

Our neighbors were outside having a fire as well. They saw my feeble attempt and even had a good laugh when they said to each other "I think her popcorn is on fire." We invited them over for smores and Debbie showed us how to make popcorn without starting it on fire.

What a way to end the night. Yum.

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