Monday, August 24, 2009

Newest Obsession

She has never clamored for a princess shirt. She has never thrown a store-aisle-fit for super hero underwear. She has never begged for a Dora Swimsuit.

Until a few weeks ago we were obsession free.

The new obsession.

About a month ago Nick Jr. started airing commercials for a new show that was starting August 24th at 12pm. (Those details were very very important to our 3 footer. She could tell you what date and time the show would first air.) Mallory would watch the singing and dancing four some in awe. By the 4th or 5th viewing of the commercial she would jump down on the ground and attempt to dance along with the band. Bless her 3-year-old heart, she has rhythm just like her mom-none. That didn't stop her. She would wiggle along with them, shake her hands, and flip her feet around; all in a feeble attempt to be just like the Fresh Beat Band members.

Well today is August 24th. Twelve o'clock came and we recorded the shows for her to watch. From the minute they started she was awe struck. Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout sing (ok so they lip sync) and dance throughout the show as well as solve some sort of problem within their community. She kept saying "These guys are cool. I love the one in the blue. This show is so cool!" It was pretty fun to watch her get so excited about it.

After the show was done she went up to use the bathroom. When she came back downstairs she said this to me, "Hey mom guess what? I had a great idea while I was going potty. I think when I get older and I get to be a grown up, I think I will join the Fresh Beat Band. And when I am like 4 years old they will come and take me to that school and we will dance and sing together. I need to go practice for them." And off she went to wiggle and move to get ready for her star performance with the band.

Bring on the concerts, the t-shirts, and the posters. I'm ready.
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