Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Imaginary Friend

The three year old imagination is pretty amazing. Even the typical stuff that Mallory plays with and acts out is pretty neat to see, but once her imagination kicks in it turns truly amazing. The examples are countless and all I can say is I have so much fun playing with her. The last couple of weeks she has really become fascinated with an imaginary friend. She calls him Bouncer. She can be found calling for him if he gets lost, eating lunch with him, having a tea party with him, washing him in the bathroom sink, and so on. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to have Bouncer along with us when we run errands. Last weekend he came up to the cabin with us and then just yesterday he came along with us when we went out to dinner. I have only referred to this friend by his name and haven't asked any specifics on his appearance. The other day as we were all driving to Target we asked Mallory about him.

Meet Bouncer.

Well sort of. You see Mallory told us that Bouncer is a guinea pig. Not just any guinea pig, a blue guinea pig. Because he is invisible to everybody but Mallory I was only able to find a picture of a real guinea pig and the rest you will just have to dig deep into your imagination to visualize. He fits inside of her pocket. He has the ability to open doors. He only eats Bouncer food, not people food. He usually sleeps out in her playroom in the crib, unless he is scared of the dark, then he sleeps with her. He may be of guinea pig size, but remember he can open doors so making his way into her room at night is easy. Yet another reason I wish I had a "pause" button for this age.

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Abbie said...

Sooo cute! I love imaginary friends...I had a pet elephant that used to walk around the mall with my mom and I :)