Monday, July 13, 2009

They got me

You may all remember the big surprise party we threw Brent last year. He never had a big party for his 30th and he had just landed his dream job in Minnesota. He wanted nothing to do with a party, but I thought differently. So I went behind his back and threw him a party anyway :) After a few months of planning and pulling off the big surprise with way too many lies to unravel, I vowed never ever to do it for him again. It is too hard to keep all of that from the person you tell everything to.

Even though it has gone pretty much unsaid, in a few weeks, I will be celebrating a birthday milestone. Yup. I am done with my 20's. Moving on to the terrific thirties. When Brent was in Oklahoma we had talked about what we were going to do for my birthday. I think my exact words might have been something like "There is no way I am going to want to host a party in the middle of the summer at 38 weeks pregnant."

I guess that is all I needed to say and the party planning started; behind my back. Saturday night was the big party and I was super surprised. Some may have been worried the surprise might send me into labor. No such luck. Everybody who I talk to on a normal basis had plenty of great lies to keep me none the wiser. Husband, best friend, sister, in laws, parents...everyone had all these excuses and other plans for the weekend.

We drove up to Brent's parents house. I am thinking we are celebrating my birthday with his side of the family. Van pulls up in the driveway. I hop out...errr waddle out. The garage door opens. I start to wonder why. I open Mallory's door to get her out. Turn around and see everyone in the garage. "SURPRISE!" I take a minute to register what really is going on. Then I realize it and cry. Good tears. The rest of the night was a blast! I have no pictures because I had no idea I was going to be at a big party :) Kristen has her side of the party and some pictures posted on her blog...go check it out!

Thanks to everyone who did tons of work to pull the party off! Thanks to all of the guests who showed up!

Just remember: I still have 8 days until the calendar turns over another year for me. Let's not jump the 30 gun.

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