Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Our fun weekend filled with LOTS of pictures!

We had a super fun 4th of July weekend! On Friday we headed up to Zimmerman to enjoy a few days on Sandy Lake. We were just far enough north to enjoy some great weather.

Mallory and Brent were determined to do some fishing on the boat, so preparation for that took place on the way up. Bought Mallory a "reel" fishing pole and got a batch of minnows from the bait shop. They were all set!

Within an hour of being up at the lake we were out on the boat. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, within 15 minutes Mallory was board out of her mind asking to go play on the beach.

Fishing plan down the drain. Brent was bummed, but he dropped us off and went back out by himself...just as well. I am sure he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Saturday Kate and Mark and the girls came up along with my parents. The weather was amazing and the kids played in the water, we watched the boat parade, and had a BBQ. I am not sure what Mallory's highlight of the day would be--either watching and cheering on the boat parade or jumping off the dock--all by herself.

I was determined to keep Mallory up for the fireworks this year. Her preschool teachers and the other kids have been talking all about the 4th of July and what goes on so I didn't want her to head back to school and tell everyone that she slept through the lame would that be? By the time we got home from the cabin all three of us were very close to being "done" after 2 long days of fun, but we made it until nightfall. We found out that the we could see fireworks from behind our neighborhood so we headed over to a neighboring deck and claimed a spot--crowd free. You can't beat that! The Jovle's came over early and we headed to DQ--which by the way is closed on the 4th. So we jumped a few blocks down to McD's for a quick treat before the show. Check out Kristen's blog for some additional pictures

The Moehrings came over to enjoy the fireworks as well --Ellie was able to watch a few minutes of her first 4th of July fireworks show before she passed out cold :)

John brought some sparklers as we found out the 4th of July is his favorite holiday. Hands down Mallory's highlight. She wanted to light the sparklers all night long. I am hoping I don't have a pyromaniac on my hands.

When the show started she claimed the best spot on the deck, on her Daddy's shoulders. She was amazed at first...but quickly got bored :) The fireworks show was good--just enough for us to enjoy and then they were done.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Check back in a few days for the much anticipated :) garden update!!

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