Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is this normal?

Mallory and I were on our way home after running a few errands the other day and I saw a guy running. Now I am not sure on the age of the man/boy as he had already passed so I did not get a look at his face. However, what I did get a look at made my jaw drop and though I knew I should have looked away my eyes were glued to this man-boy's running shorts.

Before I go any further, I should add this disclaimer: I am not a runner, nor will I ever pretend to be one. I tell anyone who asks that the only time I run is if I am being chased. I have never judged a runner on form, speed or anything of the like because, like I said, I am not a runner.

However, with the case of the man-boy I saw I feel compelled to ask a simple question to any runners out there: Do you run without underwear on? Furthermore, Do you run wearing white shorts AND no underwear? If this is normal practice, then by all means feel free to let the cheeks jiggle away. However, white shorts that are see through and as they get sweaty wet become more see through, make the sight quite hard to turn away from. Now this man-boy probably wanted the exact reaction he got from me. That is staring in awe. Just picture me all face up as close to the windshield as I can get it. Keeping in mind I am short and I have that large ever-growing stomach getting in my way from getting as close as I would have liked. Though he probably had invisioned (as he stood in the mirror fixing his hair and flexing his cheeks before he left for the run) that the viewers would have been a tad younger, single, top down on a convertible, whistling as they drove by, with their long blond hair blowing in the wind. I should have rolled the mini van windows down, whistled, and yelled "Hey Sweet Cheeks!!" But I didn't. I mumbled something to myself along the lines of "Really? I don't think he has underwear on!!"

You are probably all wondering if he had a nice butt, and since I could see it all, jiggling from cheek to cheek as he ran past my van window, I can honestly, without exaggeration, say yes.


Amy said...

you are so a runner I can say that there are some shorts with underwear built in, in which case then most people dont wear undies, however, I do not know why they make white shorts in this style. I wouldnt buy those...I stick to the black ones!

Amanda Jean said...

I snorted a little when I read this.

The Breimhorst Family said...

Hey Kristie:) I had to start my own blog when I saw how fun it was to read yours. Only 7 more weeks huh?! Soooo excited for you guys:)