Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to Prior Lake!

The big truck has come and gone and left us with a pile (which is really an understatement) of boxes and bins to unpack and organize. The first few days almost killed me as I tried to get way too much done with a 3 year old under foot and being 8 months (holy crap I have only 2 months until this baby comes out) pregnant. It has come around and feels like home.

My sister really wanted to paint and decorate the downstairs bathroom, which is right off of Mallory's room and the playroom. By saying she went above and beyond would be an understatement. Take a look at any little girls dream bathroom:

Mallory took one look at it, got so excited she had to go potty, sat down, and proclaimed "It's pink! I love it! Thank you Kate!" She then proceeded to take multiple, multiple, drinks out of her new very own cup that sits by the sink. Three days later she still loves her bathroom and so do we!! Pictures don't do the vibrant colors justice. Not a single detail went untouched as Kate thought of everything a little girl would want in her very own bathroom.

This is the only room in the house that is completely finished and decorated. The decorating for the rest of the house will come slowly but surely...

As for now, we plug along with unpacking and getting settled. The reality that there is a soft green painted room sitting almost empty that will soon house a baby is setting in at a faster pace every time I walk past it. Yesterday I opened up a few bins labeled "newborn baby" and just about lost it. I can't wait!!!

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Amy said...

Mallory is a very lucky lady...what an adorable bathroom! Congrats on the new home!