Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning about everything...

Mallory has always been very curious. Always alert to the world and from the time she could verbalize her wonderment she has asked millions of questions. Everything these last handful of days seems to start with "Mommy?" and thank goodness "Daddy?" And then the string of questions follow...

We were on our way home from the zoo the other day and we had this conversation:

Mal: Mommy, Do birds poop?
Me: Yes Mallory, everybody poops.
Mal: Mommy, do trees poop?
Me: Nope. Trees don't poop. Only things with eyes, mouths, and hearts that beat, poop. Calm down to anyone who has greater intestinal knowledge then myself, my 3 year old does not need a college grad answer to why trees don't poop.
Mal: Mommy. Do Debbie and Rich poop? These are our neighbors. Wonderful wonderful people who adore Mallory.
Me: Yes Mallory, Debbie and Rich poop. Everybody poops.

I then told Brent that I better warn Debbie that Mallory was inquiring about their bathroom habits...

Oh the life of having a 3 year old. What will happen when this baby comes out?

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