Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simple Pleasures

A few blogs that I read have recently blogged about their top 3 Simple Pleasures. Thanks to Kristen and Angie I felt inspired and humored so I thought I would rack my brain to think of my 3 simple pleasures....

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Did you think I would start off with anything else. I am fully engrossed in my large 2 pound bag and Amy was nice enough to get me yet another bag before the Easter season is over.

2. Mallory's bedtime. Call me a terrible parent. Call child welfare services. As a stay at home mom I spend most of my day fostering her learning, playing, reading, etc., and by the end of the day I am mentally exhausted. She is one of the centers of my world and I love her. However, plain and simple, I like it when she goes to bed.

3. Clean, cold sheets. Love it. I love getting into bed and the sheets are cold and they smell nice and fresh. Nothing puts me to bed quicker than that.

Feel inspired? What are your 3 simple pleasures?

1 comment:

Kristen said...

brrr I love doggie warmed sheets. Nothing better than a cozy warm bed to put me to sleep. :)