Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Baby Purchase

Having done this "baby" thing once before we are lucky enough to not need to buy a whole lot of stuff, especially since we are having another girl. (However, this does not mean that this little girl won't get some super cute clothes all her own...on sale of course).

One thing we will need is a bigger stroller. Thankfully, Mallory is old enough and isn't super dependent on the the stroller so we won't need to buy the king of all 2 kid strollers the "double stroller" those things are heavy and it sort of makes the parents pushing it look like they are pushing a train... I did some research (admittedly even before I was pregnant) and scoped out different strollers zooming around the mall and the zoo and found the one we will, hopefully, love: Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX.

I mean, doesn't that depict the perfect family...I guarantee that when it is our baby in front she will most likely be trying to climb her way out, while the preschooler in back does everything she can to aid in the dismount and then promptly tattles on her little sister for escaping.
You all just wait. The post will come.
Photo courtesy of Target.com

Why am I posting about a boring stroller purchase? Besides the great deal we got on it, I wanted to warn you all that it came in a box. What does this mean? Brent has yet another stroller to put together. Remember my back post about Mallory and I's first walk?

Mallory is very excited to help her daddy open the box and put the stroller together. My advice to Mallory, with Brent on the phone listening: "Mallory you are in charge of putting the wheels on--you got it?" "Yup I got it! Daddy I'm charge of the wheels!" Let's hope she has better luck with stroller wheels than Brent did...

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