Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Game

A few weeks ago I added the baby game to the side panel of the blog. I was just thinking it would just be a fun way for people to put their guesses in as to a few details of BabyTwo. I love reading the guesses and for the most people nod in wonderment if your guess will be correct. No offense to any guessers but I sure hope I delivery earlier than later. My dad joked that he thought the baby would be born November 21st...ha ha ha. Not so funny dad. Anyways, my point to this post is to tell you all how funny your "relationship" status is. It makes me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud to see what funny things you all come up with.

So to the "Man who was there at conception, the college friend who just wants you to lay off uummmmmkaaay, the oven's cousin, the blog stalker, special friends, and the future neighbor, thanks for being so creative and making me laugh.

To all you who are reading this but have yet to guess: Follow the link--take a guess! Come on it is fun (and easy Grandparent Eid)! I know that there are more than 17 people reading this blog (and 4 of those guessers can't even READ) We find out the sex in less than 2 weeks so you better get your guess on before your stripped of some major chance at collecting points.

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