Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artistic Abilities

Mallory has really taken to coloring lately. She always has loved art time and has enjoyed anything related to painting, coloring, using glue, cutting, etc. When using crayons or markers she used to just color a few things on a page and then want either a clean piece of paper or a new picture to color. I think the teachers at preschool have taught her that she needs to spend more time on one piece of paper because that has gotten a lot better over the last couple of months.

One thing that has seemed to really amaze me is her ability to draw actual objects. She used to draw and scribble and then tell me "Look mommy a duck!" I would ooohhh and aaahhhh at the scribbles that to me, clearly looked like something far different than a duck. This morning she was sitting next to me coloring and she said "I am going to draw a lady bug!" This ought to be good, I said to myself. "Look mommy," she said a few minutes later. I looked over and my jaw hit the ground. Check it out! In case only a mother and fater can decipher what it is, the lady bug's eyes, (cute little button) nose and mouth are towards the bottom of the lady bug. Now this may be completely under age appropriate. Two year olds might be drawing like this, I have no idea. But for Mallory, it is refrigerator and keepsake box worthy.

As long as we are on the craft bandwagon here is her latest ability to color inside of the lines. This task was very hard for yours truly to master as I (supposedly) never took my time to stay inside of the lines (so my Kindergarten teacher says, whatever). Mallory is gaining the fine motor skills and the understanding of what it takes to stay in the lines, but most of the time she still tends to be in too much of a hurry to bother with those pesky lines. Like mother like daughter. I am guessing if you asked my mother-in-law she would say her son was the same way...just a guess :)
Thanks for letting me brag :)

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