Thursday, February 12, 2009

The day of the big party

So today was the Valentines Party at preschool. Mallory wore her pink shirt with her pink striped socks and her blue shoes. She told me she felt "fancy" today. The answer to the big question that is looming with all of you is... (as I eat my words) she marched into preschool with her store bought, pre-made, nicely folded and signed (by none other than me), Valentine cards for her 21 friends at school. I took your advice and when I saw the prices at Target for a box of 36 cards ($2.99!!) I snatched a box as quick as I could and off we went. I signed her name, she helped fold the cards and she put a sticker, where ever she pleased, on the Valentine. Cute. Job done. However, what none of you moms told me was that other moms attach snacks, toys, candy, bubbles, pencils and all sorts of stuff to the valentine itself. We looked like the cheap ones with our folded piece of cardboard with nothing attached but a sparkly sticker and now our kitchen table looks like the night after Halloween....

On a different note, I had a doctor's appointment today for my 15 week check-up. All looks good and the baby's heart rate measured 150 bpm...just like Mallory's was. I scheduled the ultrasound for March 26...will it be a boy or a girl??? I am still continuing to grow much faster than I did with Mallory. I had my first, "When are you due?" comment today at was 8 weeks earlier than I did when I was pregnant the first time around. What is going to happen by August? Wow. I talked with a few honest friends who told me that I should post prego pictures on the blog for all you onlookers to see. Once Brent sees my updated belly in person I will post a picture for you to all see next week.

Speaking of Brent in person, he comes home tomorrow night! I am so excited and I am finding it hard not to tell Mallory. He is coming home after her bedtime and so he will wake her up Saturday morning...she is going to be shocked! We have plans to go out to dinner, the three of us, to Outback on Saturday night (I am thinking about getting the Porter House steak. What a better excuse to order the biggest slab of beef than being pregnant??) and then we are catching up with Brent's siblings and families on Sunday. The time will, undoubtedly, go by way too fast, but we are anxious to just be a normal family for a few days again. We are 6 weeks done with this and have just about 3 months left. We can do it!!!

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Amanda Jean said...

Doh! Kristie! Didn't you ever have a Valentine's Day party?! Didn't YOU ever get loads of treats and toys and pencils?

I was always the "have a piece of cardboard" child in the class too...but the sad part is, my stickers weren't even sparkly...they were plain red.

Despite my greatest attempts to convince my parents that the candy bar was ESSENTIAL to my social status, they found it unnecessary. Maybe that's why I was never little Miss think I'm having a breakthrough!

YAY for preggo pics next week, I am super excited! AND...

YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! for Brent coming home and you guys getting to have a few "normal family" days...all 5 of you! ( are a family of five!)