Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As promised. 16 week belly picture

Tada! There it is. Me, 16 weeks pregnant. I think it looks bigger in person versus in 2-D. Brent was amazed at how big it looked and cupped his hands on my stomach saying "wow". Mallory thinks its plenty big and thinks its time for the baby to come out. "Gee Thanks Mallory, but its going to get a lot bigger." Not that I am complaining. I love watching it grow and the little flutters I have been feeling are, once again, amazing. I cannot believe how quickly I forgot what an amazing thing pregnancy is. To think that I have another set of arms and legs inside of me is just bizarre...

I am really not sure how I feel about these belly shots on the blog. I think I need to cut my head out and only show my belly. Who needs to see me with some cheesy smile on my face? If you could read my mind it would be saying "I feel like such an idiot..."

I also added a baby pool game on the sidebar of the blog. I thought it might be fun to let all you blog readers (anonymous and not so anonymous) give a guess as to what sex, birth date, and size you think Baby 2 will be. We are finding out the sex on March 26 so you have to put in your guess for the sex before then! Follow the link and enter the game name of "BabyEidTwo" (case sensitive). I think a little competition is always fun so you all should give a guess. A little background if you weren't around for Mallory's birth: Mallory was induced on January 4, 2006 (one day before her due date). She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 21 inches long. She was born at 5:33 pm.

Bragging and Internet glory on the blog will follow for the winner! Have fun


Kristen said...

your hair grows an inch every week. Not fair!

Amanda Jean said...

Ooooh! My gosh! Look...there's a miniature human in there! You weren't kidding!

Oh man...the belly pictures must continue, cheesy grin and all. I vote weekly! :)