Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new wardrobe? Not really.

When Mallory used to be a toddling thing and her shirts would ride up on her little belly I used to call her my little pooh bear. Well, what comes around, goes around. My too tight shirts are starting to ride up on my belly making me feel and look like pooh bear.

Out came the maternity bin. I washed and sorted what I have and was amazed at how small of a collection of fat clothes I have. Maybe its that the first time I was pregnant I grew very very slowly. Whereas with this pregnancy I feel like every other morning I wake up and swear that I am bigger... Either way, I am going to need a few more staple items to make it through the next 5 months. I have maybe 3 nice "going out" shirts. So that means that if I meet you for dinner more than 3 times in the next 5 months you will see the same shirt. That is lame, especially when people consciously make a note on how much bigger/rounder/whatever you have gotten since the last time they saw you. One would be sure to notice that it was the same stripped shirt I have on--only the stripes are a bit more, shall we say, stretched out since the last time...Oei.

The other thing that struck me was how much the fashion world has changed since I last wore maternity clothes. No, I am not talking shoulder pads and "multiples" but the slight changes that have been made seem to make a big difference when it comes to maternity clothing. The biggest change--the invention of the long shirt came about AFTER I had Mallory. I was floored at how short my shirts were. I tried some on and they went straight to the "donation" bag. The shirts barely covered the waist of my pants. Did I really walk around 7 months pregnant all round and swollen with the elastic band of my maternity pants showing? Good God I hope not. Friends out there--don't let me do that this time around!

We shall see how the new shopping goes. I remember hating it last time around. Pant sizes come in xs, s, m, l and xl. I fit into none... I feel like a 16 year old pregnant teenager. I suppose marketing companies don't really want to sell maternity sizes to 16 year olds in fear of the back lash that may have.

Maybe I should take up sewing. And on that note, it must be late enough for me to go to bed.


Amanda Jean said...

Oh, your posts just add sunshine to even my most dimly lit days!

I am trying...really...VERY hard to sympathize with the whole "I'm too small to find clothes that fit" thing...

and so, with all the sympathy I could muster, I figured I'd search for a solution. My solution is this...go Angelina style and just where boho dresses all through your pregnancy!

And I promise, if I were to go to lunch with you three times in five months, I would not make note of what you wore how many times. I think I wear the same 7 outfits every week. You'd be bound to see me in the same thing more than once...especially if every lunch date was on the same day of the week!

Amanda Jean said...

Where? Where boho dresses?

I gots gud langwidge skeels.