Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing like a good kick in the pants...

I picked Mallory up from Preschool yesterday. This is fun for me because I get to hear all about how her day went. Usually I see her after a few hours have past and she proclaims that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. So, as we were driving along I was asking all the exciting questions and getting all sorts of great answers. "The reindeer dust will make the reindeer fly to our house!!! The sparkles will be so shiny!"

A few minutes later she said to me "Ernecio kicked me!" He what? "He kicked me during circle time" Well that isn't very nice of him. What did you do? Did you cry? "No." (said with such disgust as if saying "why would I cry?" "I just said Don't kick me Erneeeccciiioooo" Hiding my laughter I asked if the teachers saw what happened and she said yes. They told him "Ernecio, kicking isn't nice and its not ok."

Her play this afternoon has been all over the place but the "friend" of choice seems to be Ernecio...I guess he must not have kicked her that hard.

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