Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decorating

The decorations went up this last week around our house. It feels a little odd that we didn't put any of our own decorations up, we are just calling my parents "ours", but nonetheless the celebrating goes on. The whole season brings me full circle to the past two Christmas' that we have had with Mallory. I think most people do, but at least the people I have talked to have all agreed, that when you have kids and celebrate birthdays, holidays and other big life accomplishments, you stop looking inward and you start looking at the world through their eyes. The awe of the season is in full gear with Mallory. She helped decorate the tree. She, very carefully, hung each of the ornaments in just the right spot. Between 8 ornaments--only three branches...and I love it. When you ask her what her favorite ornament is it changes each time, she likes them all. I talked about why we hang Sam (our families first and only dog that now is up in doggy heaven) ornaments in the same spot year after year she listened intently. When Grandpa got home she told him why they were there and who they were there for. I hung the ornaments that remind of my childhood (thanks for saving the Popsicle stick photo frame mom and dad) and the few that remind of my grandma; wooden shapes painted by her. We listened to Christmas music and read the Christmas books that come out only weeks before the holiday. The best ones are the ones that my sister and I wrote ourselves for a school project. Mallory likes Kate's felt pages the best--go figure--Kate's stuff was always better than mine :) Mallory's eyes light up when she sees Christmas lights. She says that they are "beautiful"--and she really means it.

She believes that one of Santa's elves came over to our house and hung the stockings on the mantel. She believes that the letter she 'wrote' to Santa was picked up by that same Elf while she was sleeping and taken straight to Santa so he can begin working on building her the baby doll bathtub she wants. She believes that his tiny reindeer will be so excited to eat the dog treats she is already planning to leave out on Christmas Eve. She believes. And it makes me believe as well. Slow down, enjoy the holiday season and believe, it brings the wonder of when you were a child back.

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