Monday, October 8, 2012

My Lucy

In just a few short days we will celebrate a big huge day.  Two will get married and continue a wonderful life together.  It’s been a fun event to plan for and watching the girls her get excited about the upcoming party has been exciting.

However, on that very same day (Happy Anniversary Jovles!) Lucy will turn Nine.  Nine dog years old.  I can’t say it feels like we just brought her home at the tender age of 8 weeks, because, well, it doesn’t.  Life has happened since then and Lucy has been along for the ride.  She’s been introduced to several new homes, and two beautiful little girls. She’s been a trooper. She is part Beagle, which I am fairly certain also means she is part cat.  She spends her days following the sun around the house and napping.  Thankfully, her midsection doesn’t show too much of this lazy attitude. 

Over the last nine years, Lucy has had her fair share of doggy woes, but none as scary as the one that happened a month ago.  She began yelping in pain and we had no clue why.  A long weekend at the vet (of course it was the weekend…), one scare using words like tumors and inoperable, that left us feeling we may be Lucy-less in too short of time and we finally figured out the problem.  It turned out okay.  She had a spine injury, most likely resulting from jumping off of her our king sized bed onto the wood floor below.  Brent built some stairs and she is using them regularly as any lazy beagle would do.  She saw a chiropractor for a few visits and is back to her happy, bouncy, but equally lazy self. 

It was an all too uncomfortable moment that left us realizing that we dodged a bullet.  Dogs are not immortal (ever watched the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven? Yeah, me neither, I refuse).  We know we have many many more days and years ahead, but I have already made sure to snuggle a bit more, take a few extra minutes to scratch her tummy and always, always greet her when we come home…

The two little ones, years later, that Lucy’s learned to love. 
A big Happy NINE Lucy!

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