Friday, December 23, 2011

How to feed Santa’s Reindeer

You need just a few things to successfully feed Santa’s Reindeer.

1.  Most importantly, you need the idea.  Giving credit where credit is due, feeding Santa’s reindeer was not my idea.  I saw it on Kelle Hampton’s Blog, Enjoying The Small Things.  She threw her kids an amazing “North Pole Party” where, among other things, they put together some food for the reindeer.

2.  You need a pantry with a few opened packages of random dried goods you are wanting to get rid of.  Our recipe included rice cakes that needed crushing.  Rice cakes are good source of “crunch” for the reindeer while they wait for Santa to drop the gifts off at our house.  Corn meal.  This is good for keeping the reindeer feeling full longer, thus being able to continue on with the very busy night that they have.  Hot cocoa mix.  Mallory thought this was to keep them warm (she is so smart).  I added that the sugary cocoa mix also gives them the extra energy boost they needed to lift the sleigh off the ground. Shredded carrots.  Because, hello, we all need vegetables in our diet.  And finally, glitter.  How else would they see the food if we didn’t add the sparkly glitter for Rudolph’s nose to shine on letting them know where their snack is.  

3.  You need a few willing kids who are full of wonder and awe.  Have them help crush, mix, shred, and sprinkle. 

2011-12-23 001 0092011-12-23 001 012

4.  With Wonder and Awe by your side take the food outside and have them decide where the best spot to drop the food would be.  We talked about where the sleigh would land, how far apart all 9 reindeer would stand and where we thought Santa would fly off to next.  Little Wonder kept saying “See ho, ho, ho?”  Big Awe kept telling her that we “Wouldn’t be seeing Santa until tomorrow night—when we sneak out and take a peek when we hear his jingle bells.”  Something tells me Awe won’t be getting a very good nights sleep this Christmas Eve…

Here Mallory checks out the ratio between grass and chimney entrance for Santa.
2011-12-23 001 013         

2011-12-23 001 022  

2011-12-23 001 023     2011-12-23 001 020

Four easy steps to add some sparkle to the season.  Now if I am really lucky, we will wake up tomorrow to a few deer grazing on the food we left out in the yard.  Eating all the food before the reindeer have a chance??  No!  They are testing it out to report back to the reindeer to let the know that this place has the good stuff!

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