Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Un-wrapped

As I sit here on December 27th I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I want and need to document our memories from this Christmas but my mind is a flutter with the Christmas Hangover we all have.  For the sake of all things holly-berry I will remember, more with pictures than words.

Christmas Eve was spent with my Dad’s side of the family.  It was a nice full day of appetizers, family, and gifts. My dad hosted and he did an amazing job decorating.  It bled Christmas just like it used to and it all felt so festive. 
2011-12-24 001 002
2011-12-24 001 006
2011-12-24 001 009

One of the best gifts was from Kate to Mikayla. A dress up doctor outfit. Scrubs, a white coat, a hat and mask.  Mikayla loved getting it and I am pretty sure it is safe to say Kate loved giving it to her. 
2011-12-24 001 015    2011-12-24 001 023

Christmas Morning
One of the chart toppers as far as family Christmas mornings go.  The girls were so excited. The dog was even exited to open her gifts! 

Mallory was thrilled to get exactly what she asked for from Santa-a white dog with a purple leash.  The dog barked before she got the wrapping paper off and her eyes were so shocked.  With this picture you can almost hear the squeal she let out…
2011-12-25 001 002

Lucy tried to sit patiently and wait for the kids to finish opening her presents.  She gave a good effort and scratching them open, but two eager helpers pitched in to finish the job.  She squeaked her new toy for the remainder of the morning…
2011-12-25 001 009

Santa brought Mikayla duck decoys.  She wasted no time once she opened her plastic bugs in having the two play together.  This age is so fun.
2011-12-25 001 013

It doesn’t get much better than this.  My two girls,  fancy dresses, both smiling, standing in front of our beloved tree.  An absolute “framer”.
2011-12-25 001 015

Christmas day down in Jordan. Kentucky came home!  Here are all five cousins together.  The older kids picked up right where they left off.  After hugs and smiles, they busily set off playing family… 
2011-12-25 001 026

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