Monday, November 14, 2011

School Picture 2011

During the first few months of school, on one scheduled day, school pictures are taken.  When I was in school, this day was so very important.  I made sure my hair was in place, I picked out the best outfit, and I made sure to follow my Grandma Crandall’s orders when she said “show your beautiful teeth when you smile”.  I sent Mallory to school on picture day armed with some of the same advice.  More importantly, I told her to “make sure you smile so I can see your wiggly teeth!”  I knew we were days away from her teeth falling out and that this picture would absolutely capture a “moment”.  I wasn’t as concerned about her outfit and her “picture perfect” hair as I wanted this picture to show Mallory on her school day.  Sure I made she wore a cute shirt and I made sure I brushed her hair before she bolted out the door, but let’s be honest, this certainly isn’t the only picture I have of Mallory as a Kindergartener. 

2011-11-13 001 004

She is in Kindergarten.  Her teeth were wiggly for just 6 weeks into her school year before they fell out. She loves her teacher and her other classmates. Her closest friends are Brooke, Reese, and Julia.   Her favorite hot lunch meal is a toss up between French Toast Sticks or Spaghetti.  If she brings her lunch from home she takes a cheese sandwich, a bag of Cheetos or plain potato chips, a few carrots and grapes, and (if she’s lucky) a treat from mom, all packed inside her Princess lunch box.  She is reading sentences, putting them together to read and understand books.  Every time she reads a book to me, I get a little fluttery inside.  Listening to your child read, as they are learning to sound out words, is a pretty incredible milestone.  She constantly sings songs that she learns in Music Class. She has several friends on the school bus and a few boys who may or may not tease her as she isn’t quite sure what “teasing” really is.  One of the boys who “may or may not have teased her” smiled and said “Hi!” to her the next day…this fact alone makes me weak in the knees. 

She is confident.  She is happy.  She is learning so much everyday. 
She is my Kindergartner. 

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