Sunday, September 4, 2011

See Ya Training Wheels!

She did it!  She kicked those training wheels to the curb. 

The first day of practice Brent made a rule.  No skirts or dresses when you are learning to ride your bike.  Fair enough.  She obliged.  We also told her to wear leggings and long sleeve shirts hoping to keep the road from giving her too much of a rash when the inevitable falls came.  We told her she would fall (because when don’t you fall when you are learning to ride a bike??).  She was nervous.  At first she was very timid.  She practiced with her tiny bike with no pedals to help feel herself fall and then catch herself.  She was wobbly.  Soon enough we could see her start to grasp the concept. 

2011-08-31 001 002

Before I knew it, Brent and Mallory were in the street and she was pedaling her big bike.  REALLY wobbly.  Instantly the memory was etched in my mind.  Brent was running along side of Mallory as she weaved in and out trying to stay on her bike.  He cheered the entire time, her smile was as wide as I have ever seen it. 

2011-08-31 001 009      2011-08-31 001 010

Day by day her balance improved.  Today, day three, she had the great idea of putting the pedals back on her tiny bike so she would be able to catch herself easier if she tipped.  It was all the confidence she needed and she was off. We stood yards behind her as she pedaled her little self along. 

2011-09-03 003 007

Dying to see video, aren’t you?  While beaming with excitement and about ready to jump up and down, I did my best to tape her riding.  As soon as I hit “record”, I realized the camera was the wrong way.  As soon as I hit “stop”, I realized I sounded like a complete dork.  So-I deleted my voice and set the movie to sound—39 seconds of the beginning of a song.
For some reason you have to watch the video through YouTube directly. Follow the link on the video and it will bring you right to the video.