Sunday, July 10, 2011


Because cranky was her middle name, after a really long week of shorter nights of sleep filled with summer fun.
Because cranky was her middle name, as new pointy teeth poking through tender gums are no fun.
Because cranky was her middle name, packing boxes during nap time all week means no quiet time for mom.

When all else fails, go visit Grandma.  A snack in the flower garden out back and a ride on her wheels because little feet were too tired to walk, and we are all smiles.

2011-07-09 001 005

We smiles and headed to the van on our favorite path, via the fence. 

2011-07-09 001 007

All went splendidly until bitty fell and opened up a big scrape on her knee. 
Cranky, became her middle name, once again.

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Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

I love reading your blog:) You always have creative ways of telling stories! Thanks for making me smile everytime I read it!