Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still red, even under a hat

If you have ever been in public with Mikayla and I, you have more than likely experienced somebody commenting on her red hair.  If you are a frequent reader, than you also know how much in love I am with her red locks—they hold a special place in my heart. With that being said, let it be known that I don’t carry around a big cardboard arrow that points directly to her hair.  That would be ridiculous, and I am not sure how I would have enough hands to deal with the two kids, the diaper bag, a cart full of groceries and the big arrow… The red hair just seems to be a semi-unique feature that draws peoples attention to her.

The warm spring sun has been out in full force this week, so I have pulled out the brimmed sun hats for Mikayla.  She has very fair skin so a hat on her head helps keep the sun off of her face.  It also covers up her bright red hair.  Not a bit sad (for real), I put the hat on her and off we went to Mallory’s preschool picnic.  Mikayla motored around the new park paying no attention to her sister who so desperately wanted to show her off to her friends. 

Chit-chatting with a mom and grandma of another preschooler, Mikayla toddled up to me and I picked her up.  She wanted a drink of water and asked a quick question as to where Mallory was.  The grandma looked at me and then asked “Is that a head full of bright red hair under that hat?”  I lifted off her hat and said “It sure is.” And the grandma melted into the question and answer session that we so frequently encounter when out and about… 

Cheering Mallory on at a T-ball game later that same day, Mikayla wore the same brimmed sun hat.  Before the game was over I had the “red hair” conversation with another curious mom.


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