Thursday, February 24, 2011

How do you eat an Oreo?

Do you grab a hold and take a giant bite?

Or, With criss-crossed feet do you twist it open..ever so carefully?


Do you dunk it quickly and eat in seconds?

Or, Do you lick the frosting clean and savor every bite?


Do you do it your way?

Or, Do you watch your big sister and copy her every move?


Mikayla you enjoyed your very first ”KinniToos” cookie.  Tasting and looking just like an Oreo cookie, Mallory had no clue that she was eating anything gluten and dairy free.  You loved that you and your sister shared a cookie.  You picked up the cookie and, like you had eaten one every day of your life, you twisted the cookie and opened up to reveal the frosting. You took your little finger and licked the frosting and the cookie clean. I was shocked.  You then looked at your sister and copied her every move while she ate her cookie the same way. You giggled with almost every bite…


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