Sunday, January 23, 2011

Topics I’ve Googled lately

I am just too darn tired to explain it all, I thought I would leave a little bit to your imagination.  Feel free to judge away, question “What was she thinking”, or just assume that living with a 5 year old and an (almost) 18 month old is pretty exciting to say the least…

How to tell your 5 year old where babies come from

Followed bywhen out of the mommy’s tummy, just doesn’t pacify them

Why won’t pink eye go away?  Who knew the answer would follow on a Sunday trip to the doctor when we were told that the bug causing not only the recurring pink eye but the double ear infection (again) was “super” and was resistant to the first prescribed antibiotic.  I find nothing about that bug to be super…

How old should kids be before they learn how the male anatomy biological works  Let’s just say Mallory asked some very interesting questions while I was blow drying her hair one day. 

Blogs about Gluten Free diets.  Because I too have taken the GF plunge.

Kyle Richards Little House on the Prairie.  Because, hello, who doesn’t want to know what the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills looked like as a child star.

Ménage A Trios Wine-No more searching needed.

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Amanda Jean said...

Ahhh, more diet factors in common to chat about when I keep you up way past your bedtime or chatter away your afternoon :)

Also love all the red-faced new topics you're dealing with...mostly because I don't have to answer them :)