Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello Milestone, I think we’ve met before.

So get this. I am a second time mom.  Say what?  So before you go calling the cookoo cookoo farm pleading with them to admit me for treatment;  Let me explain.  I had Preschool Open House for Mallory today.  This is the beginning of her second year of preschool at Harbor and her third year in a preschool all together.  I walked in, checked I had completed all the necessary paperwork and signed the calendar for Mallory’s attendance for the fall.  I sat down at an empty table and twiddled my thumbs (figuratively, not literally).  A few seconds later another mom sat down at the table with me. I didn’t recognize her, so I assumed she had one of the new preschoolers. I introduced myself (as both Kristie and Mallory’s mom. That’s how they roll in preschool).  She had “new parent anxiety” written all over her face. She squealed with delight “today was his first day and he didn’t cry!”  I cheered with her.  And it hit me.  I am not new at this anymore.  This milestone, “the first day of preschool”, has happened  to us before. Mallory marches into preschool with barely a wave and a “see ya later Mommy”.  She knows what to expect and the excitment that comes with the upcoming “first day of the new year” is palpable.  We’ve met this milestone and we’ve also survived this milestone. 

Next year will bring a whole new milestone…Kindergarten. The BIG school that involves a BIG bus.  I am sure I will look every bit the part of the new parent.  I’ll have a Kleenex that I’ll try to keep hidden.  I’ll wave and watch the bus until it drives completely out of sight.  I’ll watch the clock and wonder what she’s doing and hoping some big mean 1st grader doesn’t step on her toe or shove her out of the way on the way to gym class.

Don’t worry. I have time.  That big and scary milestone is still an entire year away. Once again, I am happy to be living in this moment.  Milestones come and go so quickly when you have kids.  I am content hanging out with one I am familiar with.

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