Saturday, September 4, 2010


We don’t eat McDonald’s very often, but when we do Mallory is usually beside herself with excitement when it comes to the toy inside the Happy Meal box.  Really, what kid isn’t?  Tonight was one of those exciting nights over at the Eid’s.  Mallory ripped open the box and excitedly told me she got a kitten as her toy.  Brent set the kitten aside and told Mallory she had to eat before she could play with the new toy.  (Toy is such a stretch when it comes to a fast food meal play-thing).  As Mallory was inspecting the box that her delicious food came in, I glanced at the box and saw the advertisement for the options of goodies that may be inside.

Leaving it all to your imagination. Check out the creepy toys circa 1988.



Alice is having a birthday party and all of her friends are invited.  Hansel and Gretel (who knew?), Alice, and some rockin’ cowboy will all be in attendance.  Seeing these four characters on the side of the box made me wonder where the kitten came into play. 

Check out Creepy Kitten/Wolf


Her eyes close when she lays down. But look! She stands by herself!  Obviously she is a knock off of Little Red Riding Hood. We think?


Mallory took one look at the toy and said “what is this a cat or a wolf?”  I replied with, “I have no idea.  Go introduce her to all of your other toys.”

Creepy Kitty better not be found in any peculiar places or she is getting the mighty heave into the garbage can. 

She reminds me a little too much of Chucky.


Really small creepy picture of Chucky courtesy of

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Abbie said...

Anne and I just went to McDonald's for lunch and I got a kids meal. We first ordered a girl toy for Lily then she (the driver) quick switched it to a boy. I was confused until she said she did it because of your post!! Great PSA for us McD's fans!