Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Squishin’ up my baby bumble bee…

Mallory, it is August 17th, 2010 and you are four and a half years old.  You are sitting on the couch holding a baby doll singing this song, “I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee.  Won’t my mommy be so proud of me!  I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee—OUCH it stung me!”

Stupid Bee.  You got your first bee sting today.  It sucked.  I watched and couldn’t do a thing to take the pain away.  I quickly promised you a Hello Kitty band aid and some M&M’s (offering a pony or your very own princess castle, isn’t in the budget).  You were climbing up a ladder at the park and the bee landed on your finger and stung you, quicker then you could blink your eye.  Of course you cried, who wouldn’t?  I wanted to cry along with you, but I didn’t.  Your finger swelled a bit, you continued to cry.  You cried for about 20 minutes because “it hurts so badddd”.  Once your daddy applied a baking soda (who knew magic dust was good for bee stings too!!) and water paste to the sting you ate your M&M’s and you felt a little better.  We put a band aid on your hand instead of the finger due to the swelling.  This just proves that sometimes even if a band aid isn’t covering the wound itself, in the eyes of a preschooler, it still makes it feel a little bit better.

You called your Grandpa Crandall on the phone to tell him what happened.  You said, and I quote “Grandpa, I have to tell you somethin…When I was climbing up the ladder at the park a bee came right on my finger and ‘tinged me.  It was on my left hand on my finger next to my tumb. I cried and daddy made a paste to put on the ‘ting pot (sting spot). Grandpa have you ever been ‘tung by a bee?”  Grandpa was quick to tell you that he has been stung by a few bees, but that they aren’t everywhere outside and that the park is still really fun to play at. 

So we made it through your first bee sting.  Glad it’s over. 

Pre-Bee sting


And the wounded finger



Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Oh, poor girl. I wanted to cry just reading that! Hope she is doing better!

Sarah said...

Oh the poor girl!! She really did swell up! Thank goodness for the magic powder trick you shared... We used that for a bath with skinned knees a few weeks ago :)