Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always guess “C”

Ready for a pop quiz.  I know, I hated them when I was in school too, but I promise, this one won’t be graded.  Oh and it’s pretty easy :)

You are scheduled to go on a weekend getaway with your husband and your FMC (Favorite Married Couple).  Forty eight hours before your trip the following scenario takes place:

A. Your sitter calls and cancels. She has Scarlet Fever.

B. Slow and Easy (the cabin pontoon) sinks.

C. Your baby spikes a high fever, ultimately ending in a bladder infection.


If you guessed C, you would be correct.  Thank goodness neither of our sitters have Scarlet Fever and, as far as I know, Slow and Easy is still attached to the dock.  It’s my youngest that has put a real wrench in our weekend plans.  Tuesday afternoon she started running a fever.  Teeth or ears. That was my initial diagnosis.  Diagnosis? You say. I didn’t know you were a doctor! Well, fancy this.  Once you have a baby, you also get a honorary doctorate.  This doctorate can only be used to diagnosis your own children…it is not to be used on any one else.   Tuesday night she ate dinner like normal, slept great, and woke up on her typical schedule.  Wednesday morning brought on a whole new beast.  She was a disaster.  A terribly long and drawn out doctor’s visit showed two great ears and a clean throat.  A catheter and urine test showed the culprit—a bladder infection.  Who has even heard of an 11 month getting a bladder infection??  (More to that to follow on a different post) She proceeded to cry and was inconsolable for the majority of the day.  Her only distraction was the thunderstorm she watched with Brent from the garage.  Wednesday night was spent wondering if we should take her to the hospital for further pain medication because she would not stop crying.  She was miserable. We made it through the night (barely) and moved on to Thursday.  She woke up fever-free and has been making steady progress towards feeling better all day.  Let’s all hope for a rest-full night so Brent and I can steal a few days away, leaving behind two happy and healthy little girls. 

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