Sunday, July 11, 2010


A relaxing weekend for a couple of couples and an exhausting weekend for a couple of great people and a pair of cute girls.  We parted ways with the kids on Friday afternoon and never looked back.  Well, except we forgot the cabin keys so we did look back for a few minutes…  Sandy Lake was sunny, breezy, warm, and a little rainy when it didn’t matter.  The Jovle’s and the Eid’s had another successful weekend. 

I managed to take just a few pictures, mostly to document what little we did. 

We ate at a brand new restaurant on Friday.  This is sort of a big deal for Zimmerman.  Great food—BIG portions.  I had the walleye fingers--mmmmm


Played some pull tabs


Almost a full bucket of pulled-tabs.  No winners worth bragging about


Sunset cruise on Slow and Easy.   


Brent got to play with his new toy.  No, not the snake he is holding onto…he bought himself a fish finder.  As you can see in the picture, it works :)


Brent and I before our big trip out on the raft.


The weekend was centered around relaxing and eating.  Instead of consuming our calorie intake in the form of drinks, we ate our way through the weekend. We enjoyed good meals, excellent snacks and a tasty dessert. We managed to polish off an entire case of water in the midst of all the fun as well.

DSC08151 '

Our kids had a blast while we were away.  Amanda watched them on Friday and my dad took over on Saturday.  The first thing Mallory told me when I asked her how her night with Amanda went was “Mommy, I got to paint!!”  When we picked the kids up from my dad’s today everybody was all smiles.  He said Mallory’s attention span lasted about 10 minutes per activity so the day’s schedule was packed full.  He said he had high hopes of journaling the weekend but that other things kept him busy :)  

Looking ahead to next year will bring the need for the Jovle’s to find a babysitter.  Little Girl Jovle is due in just 5 weeks!!  She kicked and tumbled a few times for me this weekend and I cannot wait to meet her face to face. 

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