Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th: 2010

Our holiday weekend wasn’t really a weekend—the kind full of co-parenting and sleeping in anyways… (did you guys know that planes still fly on holidays and weekends?? Crazy world we live in)

We did manage to fill it with fun, friends, family and even Brent!  We started our weekend with an early trip to the Farmers Market. Hot and steamy weather on the way we had to get our walk done before it got gross out.

Mallory’s baby had to come with.  She was quickly ditched into the stroller basket when she saw Conner, Kristen and Justin at the Market. 


Jaime and Kendra came over for a play date and lunch.  Toy stealing and car pushing were all the rage.


We threw together with the Moehrings for dinner.  Loaded chicken sammies and cupcakes for dessert.  Doesn’t get much more delicious then that.  Ellie took a break from her cupcake to give a nice smile. Mallory is all about the cupcake. No smiling.


Sunday morning we woke up, packed up the van, and headed to my Mom’s.  Lucy was lucky enough to come along.  My mom loved it.


Mikayla spent her time flirting with the nurses, screaming in delight, and pushing Mallory on her trike. 


Mallory attempted a race with Jim down the hallway.  We have to work on “On your mark, get set, GO!” She seems to think “get set” means go…  Jim let her win.  I am pretty sure if we went full throttle on his machine he would have blown her away.


After our visit we headed to my Dad’s to spend the rest of the afternoon and night.  Hat’s off to my dad for digging deep into his pockets and buying the grandkids a pool.  He even filled up and added hot water to make sure it wasn’t too cold.  Never would he ever have done that for us as kids…your heart sure changes when you become a grandparent.


Because I was unaware of the gift, I didn’t bring swimsuits with.  Mallory went in her underwear.  She refused a shirt because it felt “too wet and slimy”



Mikayla loved every minute of it.  She too was without a swimsuit or diaper.


Mallory wrestled with Grandpa


Mikayla ate grass :)

DSC08114   DSC08113

Mikayla also got pushed on the car by her daddy.  Two of the best things in her whole world.


The grass-eater went to bed and we had a bonfire.


Smores and sparklers—in the daylight :)


Not gonna lie.  We all fell asleep before the fireworks lit up the sky.  The trees have gotten too tall at my dad’s so we could only hear the distant booms…

A very busy, very fun weekend of celebrating the 4th. 

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