Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You kiss me, I tug on you…

Conner (Kristen and Justin’s dog) loves licking baby faces.  When you walk into their house with a baby in a car seat, Conner is all over the baby giving kisses until you step in and tell him to be all done. He loves babies.  Up until recently  Mikayla has been pretty helpless.  She tries to turn her head or push him out of the way, but he is a big doggy :)  Well this past Sunday Mikayla decided it was time for some payback.  Conner was wiped out from a day of pond swimming and stick-pile hunting so he had no energy to stop Mikayla from exploring him from head to toe.




At one point he even tried to use Mikayla as a pillow.  If she would have kicked backed and relaxed, he would have fallen asleep on her lap.  However, his head and paws were a little too heavy for Mikayla and she almost toppled over.





Mikayla loved every minute of it.  Now, if only dogs could talk…


Abbie said...

Aww Conner, what a good sport!

Kristen said...

These pictures just melt me. *proud doggy mom* :)