Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nine (whole) Months

This is where I really begin to resent the passage of time.  I want to lay on the floor, kick and scream, and demand time to stop.  

Mikayla is plugging right along and continues to have fun with each day. 


Waving.  Sometime spontaneously, other times when asked.  A few times I caught her waving while she is playing by herself.  Apparently she was playing with one of Mallory’s Bouncers

Slithering.  She is still slithering, but as each day passes we are seeing more of an attempt at an actual crawl.  However, when speed is at all an issue, she drops down and slithers to get to where she wants to go.

Stairs. She figured out how to climb up the stairs. Boo. Against my wishes, Brent was caught (on a few occasions) trying to teach Mikayla how to maneuver herself up the stairs.  It finally clicked in her little head and now she has it all figured out.  Fun fact: The first time she crawled up the stairs Mallory and I were at the top. I thought for.sure she was going to crawl up to me.  However, Mikayla (once again) proved me wrong.  She came up, turned to the right and went right into the bathroom and over to the tub.  The girl loves her baths. 


Waking up to eat at night.  Mikayla is really good at this trick.  She currently sleeps, on average, 4 hour stretches.  We’ve gotten a few longer stretches, but not nearly enough for me to feel like a well rested human.  This is where every set of parents decides a different technique to get their baby to master the trick of sleeping through the night.  We let Mikayla play her “I am finally feeling better” card for a month and a half and now we are trying a few things to get her to sleep longer. 

Mikayla is SOOO BIG! That says it all. 

Diet. She is off of all grains for a few more weeks.  We will then try rice again and see how her tummy handles it.  She is eating all fruits and veggies and loving all of them.  Her favorite snack is any type of freeze dried fruit.

Drinking a bottle all by herself.  Sigh. I knew the day would come. She still likes to be snuggled before naps and in the middle of the night, but during the day she much prefers feeding herself her own bottle.  It certainly has nothing to do with wanting some time by herself because most of the time she can be heard thumping her feet on the floor, laying on her side while playing with a toy and drinking, or her favorite position, using her feet to help hold the bottle.


We are on track to have a great ninth month!  This is one of my favorite ages and stages of babyhood and it is proving to be even more fun with a 4 year old (and a super cute husband) in the house.


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Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Happy 9 Months Mikayla! Can't wait to see what the future holds!