Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updated: Weeeeeeee!!!

Looks like Blogger fixed the problem. Enjoy the ride!

Who says an allergy to the cold should keep you bottled up inside all winter? Brent bundles Mallory up complete with mittens up to her elbows and a face mask that only reveals her eyes. They are then off to the big sledding hill. This year Mallory has decided that she prefers to go down the hill all by herself. I sent the camera along with Brent the last time he took her sledding and told him to get her on video going down the hill. Funny to only us? Maybe. Way on the top you will see this little black blob, that is Mallory :) She uses her little arms to give herself a push at the top of the hill and then she is off... If you turn up your volume loud enough you can hear her giggling, saying"yahoooo!!" and you can hear Brent laugh once Mallory makes it to the bottom of the hill. I think it is worth wasting 24 seconds of your day, especially because Brent's laughter is so contagious. These are such great memories.

Mallory say cheese. Oh wait.


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha :) Big smile while watching that brave little girl take on the big hil!l!

Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Man is she so grown up! I can't believe she is going down the big hills all by herself!