Friday, January 29, 2010

Cooking Club


We had the second session of our cooking club last weekend. It was our turn to host which means we choose the menu, purchase the ingredients and prepare the house. It is then the clubs responsibility to prepare the meal. This is still so new to us that it all seemed a little overwhelming until the menu was finalized. Brent and I wanted to make sure the meal was exciting, some what difficult, but also in the end, tasted good. We divvied up into teams and then each team was in charge of a specific dish. So far, the general rule has been couples are not paired together. This, for the sake of an evening without bickering with your spouse, has worked out great.

Brent wanted to make sure he was paired evenly with someone of the same, hmmm, shall we say, cooking expertise as him. Team Sweet Cheeks-Brent and Jeff. They learned a few lessons. They sure did. They learned how to incorporate math equations and breaking down fractions into a recipe to make 1/6th of it dairy free. Lots of scratch paper and the job was complete. They also learned how to zest a lemon. Jeff learned how to make a super tasty frosting and Brent learned to double check that all needed ingredients were added to said frosting.

Here is what was prepared with pictures courtesy of the Jovle’s.  In case there are any enthusiastic aspiring chef's reading, I have linked the recipes to the title.

Appetizer: Crab Cakes with Lemon Dill Sauce


Soup: Cucumber Avocado Bisque


Main Course:



Brioche and Berry Bread Pudding with Lemon Fondant


We had Jen from Miss Bee’s Tasty Bakes make us a loaf of gluten and dairy free bread for the dessert.  It was delicious!  Thanks Jen!!


After this session, I came to the conclusion on a few things:

I don’t ever need to prepare or order lamb again.  It was good to try, but not my liking. 

The risotto was amazing.  A staple fall meal, for sure. If you like squash, you must try that recipe.  Mmmmm.

Chilled soups aren’t terrible and I would like to find a few more recipes to try—I’m thinking next, a dessert chilled soup.


Jeff said...

Will we ever really know if you said "Lemon!" or "Lemon?" ...Yeah, I think looking back on it, it really was "LEMON????????" with a subtext of "What the heck are you cooking, Jeff?" Maybe a little less wine before the meal is completed is in order for me! :)

Kristen said...

I vote Lemon????

Anonymous said...

Well Jeff....there is a big difference between a bowl of melted butter ( that was for something else ) and a bowl of lemon zest and lemon juice that needed the powder sugar added to. I am glad you picked the butter..... :)