Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mikayla is 4 months!

Another month has gone (too quickly) by. Each day Mikayla is showing us a bit more of her budding personality. She continues to be over the moon for her big sis and favors Mallory over anybody else...even her mommy! When face to face with anybody she usually has a big story to tell them complete with shrieks of delight. It was just a few months ago that I remember telling people that I thought she might be quiet and a bit more reserved then her always chattering big sister...well those tides have certainly changed. She is doing her best to let us know that she too has a voice, and I love it!

Oh how this little girl has us wrapped around her little fingers. She is soothing herself in the car and to sleep by sucking on her two fingers. She loves it so much she has red raw patches of skin on her tiny little hands. Sleeping, you ask. Where is she sleeping? Take a look for yourself...

She is so comfy and cozy in her make shift recliner that she wants nothing to do with her crib. In fact if you were to ask her she would probably say her crib is made of concrete and the mattress is a bed of nails because she flat out refuses it. I have decided to not let this one stress me out. She sleeps like a champ...this tells me that she must be just fine sleeping away in there.

She is rolling over from her back to her tummy and occasionally from her tummy to back. However, she does her rolling on her own time. Don't ask, don't tempt, if she doesn't want to roll, she won't. Plain and simple.
My new favorite of the cousins. So super cute.

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