Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I will not compare. I will not compare.

Brent and I are very lucky to have a pretty easy going three year old. Sure she has her moments that all kids do, but for the most part from birth on she has been easy to handle. Now, I am not saying she is perfect. I can just see you all rolling your eyes at me. Calm down. Easy going does not mean perfect, in my mind it means easily persuaded.

This was proven to me yesterday when I came to the conclusion that Mallory needed to go the doctor to be seen for a possible bladder infection. Potty trips every 20 minutes coupled with her telling me it hurt when she peed made the huge light bulb go on :) I made the decision quickly as the day was winding down and I didn't want to spend hours waiting at urgent care for her to be looked at. I told her we had to leave to go to the doctor, quick! quick! She quietly asked if they were going to give her a shot, I said no, and we were on our way. We were half way there and she was singing 'I am going to the doctor! I am going to the doctor!' Only you, Mallory, would sing about going to the doctor. From the time we stepped into the clinic until we were home she was a complete peach. She even told the (female) doctor that she was cute. Obviously she hasn't ever seen my OBGYN because he is cute, really cute. She listened great, she sat all by herself and answered the doctors question (and asked a few of her own too--she's 3 what else do you expect and besides, I would ask why they had a big light, a pillow on the table and a funny picture of people with glasses on the wall too). She also peed into a bucket just like she does it for competition at home.

Many, many people have told us we better prepare ourselves for number 2 because she is sure to be the complete opposite and test us and our every word from the very beginning. Hahaha I laugh along, all the while scared that this may be very true. I will try my hardest not to compare. I will try my hardest not to compare. I sure hope its been partly our parenting and we are not completely doomed...

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