Sunday, March 8, 2009

You won't believe your eyes!

The first garden post of 2009!!!

That's right. I have had enough of this winter weather. I am ready to get out to the plot and dig away and sow some seeds. Nerdy as it may sound it was so much fun last year I can't wait to do it all over again. This season will prove to be different than last. We will be here to plant but we won't get to watch the plants as closely as we did last year, as Prior Lake doesn't warrant a daily drive to the garden. A 7,8 and 9 month pregnant belly and then the addition of a newborn will also prove to make getting down weeding, picking and tasting a bit more challenging (well the weeding and picking part at least)

I decided this year that I wanted to start a few plants inside and see if I could get a good sprout started and then move them out to the garden when the weather was warm enough. It gives me something else to work on and putz with while we try and schoo winter away. My whole goal was to save a little money and try the plants from seeds vs having to buy the plants already grown. Saturday we headed to Gerten's and purchased the necessary items to grow seeds inside. What were these items? We had no idea. Just like the garden was all new to us last year, growing plants inside was just as new. We were lucky enough to find Sonja, a wonderful and experienced indoor planter. She walked us through the entire process. One hour later we walked out of Gerten's armed with our necessities. At first I thought I would just try peppers, but with 36 spots to plant seeds we decided to try tomatoes and a few peas as well. You will see below that the peas are absolutely Mallory's favorite and Lucy might have a liking for them as well.

Sunday, Mallory and I set out to plant the seeds. This age is even more fun than it was last year. She was able to help out and she is grasping what things are all about. I love the fact that she is learning about this stuff from the ground up.

A few pictures of the process and once again a promise to not document every single sprout and inch of growth. Here's to happy growing and lucky sprouting :)

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