Sunday, November 30, 2008

The weekend Review

The holiday weekend is coming to a close. It was fun, I am ok with it being over. It has been a long 4 days and I am ready for some sort of normalcy to return to our schedules.

Thursday we spent the day with Brent's family. We played some Mario Kart on the Wii (thanks to the generosity of the Jovles), we ate some great food and had a super yummy pie. Molly makes a mean pumpkin pie! Friday we spent the day with the Crandall's. Kate brought over some wooden Christmas tree ornaments that the kids painted and got them all set to hang on the Christmas trees.
Saturday Kristen and Justin were nice enough to invite us along to cut down their Christmas tree. It is an annual tradition for them, but a first for Brent, Mallory and me. Mallory, in her almost 3 year old glory, was all about cutting down a tree. We tried to explain to her the concept of a tree farm vs an animal farm. After the long car ride, the (maybe unnecessary) snow pants, hat, mittens and boots, she was all set to hunt for the perfect tree. We knew the final decision was up the Jovles, but that didn't stop us from taking it all in. Mallory loved all the trees. She ran up and down the aisles and around the trees. We weren't too sure if she was scouting out the perfect tree or looking for Conner (Jovle's dog). "Why does Conner poop?" Was a great question to pawn off to the parents of Conner...

Playing at the tree farm
"The" Tree

Once Kristen and Justin found the perfect tree. Not too tall and not too wide. Justin, with Mallory there to supervise, started to cut down the tree. He was nice enough to get almost to the end and then have Mallory help "push" it over. (Later, once we got home, we would find out that this made her day.) As soon as the dust settled, Mallory asked Justin if they could chop another one down. Without trying to confuse her, we answered "nope just one" instead of the affects of deforestation... Mallory and Justin, well Justin, pulled the tree to the trailer and off we went. Thanks again to Kristen and Justin for making a great memory for the Eid's :)
Pulling the tree to the car
Now its Sunday night at 8:55pm. I have already fallen asleep on the couch twice since dinner has been over. I am turning off my computer and going to bed; only to wake up tomorrow and realize that we only have 24 days until Christmas....

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Amanda Jean said...

YIKES! 24 days until Christmas?!

Luckily, I've got all my gifts bought, wrapped, and under the tree.

I'm a little jealous...I've never cut down a Christmas tree!