Tuesday, August 14, 2012

End of an Aquarium era

It came to a crashing halt. She opened up a present at her birthday party and, instantly, straight out of a scene from Toy Story, her beloved Aquarium was shoved aside.  In its place stood a star glowing ladybug.  Mikayla climbs into her bed and instead of asking for her “pishies” she says, “I turn on the ladybug by myself. Blue stars.”  Her room is transformed into a night sky filled with stars and even holds the moon. 

Don’t get me wrong, the star shining ladybug is pretty cool.  The end of the era just happened so quickly, I wasn’t prepared.  The fishy aquarium clung to the side of a crib or sat along side of bedrails for three years for each Mallory and Mikayla.  They learned how to turn it on at young ages, Mallory with her feet at 3 months and Mikayla by sitting up at six months.  I remember each moment vividly.  I pushed the button to turn on the aquarium, crept out of the room, turned on the monitor and quietly listened to what I thought was a baby falling fast asleep.  When the lullaby stopped and I heard not a sound, I thought I was in for a nice nap break.  And then I heard it.  The sound of the lullaby starting up again.  Sure enough, she figured it out.  Each one was giddy with excitement when they realized what they had accomplished.  Naps would be difficult for the next few days (especially for Mallory she thought the fish were her best friends.  Clearly my social butterfly from the get go, she cooed and gurgled at those fish carrying on conversations well past 1pm).

Mikayla used it every.single.night. I am not sure if it was the lullaby, the rhythmic sound of the fish moving around the machine complete with bubbles popping, or the soft orange glow that was cast, either way she loved and needed it.

Needed. Past tense. As in she does not need it anymore.  I took it out of her room, out from the corner of the room she put it in to make room for her ladybug and I set the aquarium on the fireplace mantel.  I turned it on, sat down on the couch and watched it one last time.  Do I donate it? Sell it on Craigslist? Pass it on to one of the new babies to come? Nope. This is one of the toys that will be boxed up, put downstairs labeled “baby stuff” and won’t be dug out for years to come.

By the time my babies have babies, I am sure they will be strapping Ipad’s to crib rails and playing lullaby apps, but I will give my girls the opportunity to use what they once used and loved.  **Insert eye roll** Mom that is so old. No way will I be using that with my new baby…

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Amanda Jean said...

The visual alone of you sitting on the couch watching the aquarium on the fireplace mantle makes me want to sniffle!

(Also, remember to take the batteries out!)