Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bug Love

Saturday you caught a bug on our bathroom floor.  A “beetle” as you call them.  You were determined to bring the bug, in a little bag, to the doctor’s office.  It turns out they don’t check bug’s ears like they check toddler’s ears.  Guess we will never know if your beetle has an ear infection like you do.  The doctor was amazed as you let the bug crawl over your hand and up your arm. You giggled. I smiled and told her that you love bugs.
By the time we got home your bug was missing more than one leg.  At first just by holding him, he lost one. But then. Then you thought it might be fun to pull another leg off…I stepped in and said that it wasn’t nice to pull his legs off.  As any award winning mother would say, “Would you want me to pull your legs off?”  You of course answered no and left the rest of the legs alone. 

2012-03-10 001 002

Sunday you climbed on the back of the couch, perched like a cat, you reached over to grab another beetle off the window.  When it fluttered and attempted to fly, you shuttered just a bit, and then bent over and tried to grab it from the window sill.  You got it.  Then you put him on the couch to your sister.  It was as if you knew she would squirm away when you set him down…

2012-03-11 001 007     2012-03-11 001 003

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