Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not just any snow fort

There was once a college aged kid.  He thought he was real tough.  He met a girl.  She thought she was real sweet.  They worked there way through a few college spats.  A few trips along the way and soon enough they were in love.  The ooey gooey kind of love.  They loved playing cards, watching movies (or falling asleep to them) curled on the couch, living the life of a new love.  The boy thought he was so funny when he would pick up his sweet girl, spin her around, and attempt to flush her head in the toilet. 

The girl giggled.  She thought it was annoying, but at the same time, that funny boy worked his way into the deepest parts of her heart.

One day they got married.  They promised to have fun, to love, to honor, to have and to hold (without always spinning and dunking).  They also promised to have kids.  He said he would always be a kid at heart. She knew they would make a great parenting team. They did have kids. Not just any kids, two beautiful little girls.  Two little girls who absolutely, without a doubt, idolize their daddy.

I felt a part of the love I have for Brent that reached way into my heart.  I watched as Brent and the girls built a snow fort.  Not just any snow fort, “the best snow fort I have ever built”.  Sounds a bit silly to compare falling in love with building snow forts, but there was his smile. His smile was as wide as the girls as the snow was rolled, packed and stacked to form one big memory.  He not only was enjoying this with the girls, he was enjoying this as much (if not more) than the girls.  They each chipped in and helped. Mallory would roll big balls while Brent would scoop them up onto the fort.  Mikayla was in charge of packing the snow on the fort, small scoop by small scoop—perfect when “mits” are still a little tricky to work with when you are just two and a half.

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Complete with a few windows, an arched doors and plenty of grass and leaves amongst the snow, the fort looks to stand the test of time.  At least we hope it stands for a few more days so the girls can play away. 
2012-02-21 001 017

After being away for nine whole days, being together as our family of four, I felt like I wanted to be no where else in the world.  We were complete. Was I on a beach, relaxing in the sun?  Nope.  Did I have a sink full of a dishes, a diaper to change and a feisty toddler to put down for a nap?  Yep.  I wouldn’t have traded it for the world…

2012-02-21 001 001

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