Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation: The first of many

Dear Mallory,
I am writing this note a few weeks before you walk down the aisle at your preschool graduation.  Depending on your age when you are reading this letter, you are either rolling your eyes at your unbelievably embarrassing mother, smiling at the thought of your own future children graduating from preschool, or wiping back tears as you have a preschooler of your own at the eve of his or her graduation.  I hope you know that I am so proud of you as a beautiful 5 year old little girl.  You make me smile daily and I am so very excited for you to end this chapter of your life and start a brand new and exciting chapter in just a few short months as Kindergarten awaits.
Graduation is not a new term in our household.  Over the years you have graduated from many many things.  You’ve graduated from formula to milk, crib to big girl bed, diapers to underwear, highchair to adult sized chair, car seat to booster. However this is your first graduation event.  This is the first time that graduation means moving from one thing you are very comfortable with to a brand new and exciting thing awaiting for you in the fall.  Preschool has been wonderful for you.  You have loved of school.  You bounce in with a smile on your face and you leave having had a great day.  You love learning, friendship, singing, routines and all that follow in the classroom.  You thrive in places with rules and teachers.  You love art projects, coloring and story time.  You’ve made some great friendships and have even thrown around the word “boyfriend”.  Sophie is your best friend and weekly play dates have been going on for months.  You are greeted each day at preschool with “Hi Mallory!!!”  excitement beams from your classmates.  You are just as quick to give the excited “hello’s!” back at your friends.  I am proud of you as a graduate. 

The ceremony was simple.  You were so proud.  Your dad and I were even more proud of you…  Last year I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to cry (too hard).   You were not graduating and I had one more year to hold on to you as a preschooler.  This year I expected the tears to flow.  Though I got choked up a few times (preschoolers doing sign language gets me every.single.time), I was surprised at my composure.  The composure came from watching you this past year become fully ready to embrace Kindergarten.  This change is going to be so great.  Sure I am sentimental, that will never change, but knowing you are ready and watching at who you are today, my pride is so great it over takes the tears. 

mall grad

I could not believe how old you looked and acted.  Your hair and bangs are getting longer and it is giving you a very grown up look.  Your last day at Harbor Preschool will take place in one short month.  That day will undoubtedly be tough as you say goodbye to your teachers and friends.  Graduation means leaving something behind that you are comfortable with and moving on to what is new…and exciting.  Congratulations Peanut, Mommy loves you!

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Amanda Jean said...

I love this post. I have been noticing in her pictures that she looks much older with the change in hair style! Is she planning on growing out her bangs, too? She certainly had a lot of questions for me about my bangs, or lack thereof, last time I was at your house.