Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Put a little bounce in your step

I haven’t captured a picture of my kids this week because they have scaled the walls. They would have been on their way to hang from the ceiling fan if I didn’t bribe them to come down once I saw the forecast for the week.  It went something like, I think we can take the wagon out of hibernation this week!! Mallory lit up with excitement.  Thank God, I think spring is finally on its way here. 

We watched the weather last night and Bel informed us that we will lose about 2-3 inches of snow each day with the warmer temperatures. I quickly did the math (without a calculator: check stellar) and in a record thirty some days the five foot snow bank that has swallowed our newish tree in our front yard will be completely gone.  What a great May Day we will be able to celebrate on the green grass under the shade of our tiny tree.

Happy melting season!

Soon to follow: pictures of us enjoying the wagon rides down the sidewalk.  Who will be riding and who will be pushing/pulling?  That is still up for debate around here.

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