Saturday, February 12, 2011

I promise to not live through you…

I promise to not live vicariously through you.  I promise to let you decide your passion. I promise to help you follow your dreams. 

As a toddler and preschooler we guided Mallory into activities that we thought she would enjoy and thrive from.  We chose things that would help with socialization and education.

Now that Mallory is five and is also “going into Kindergarten” our choices for spring and summer activities have increased ten-fold.  I knew this day would come.  In fact I have been waiting, for as long as I can remember, for this day. A few months back we told Mallory that this spring she could choose to play soccer or T-ball.  We explained what each sport entailed and she quickly chose T-ball.

Be still my beating heart.

I played in house softball for 13 years growing up.  There wasn’t a single spring from Kindergarten through High School that my parents did not sign me up through Parks and Rec for WAA Softball.  I loved every single year.  I made a ton of friends, learned a good dose of competiveness and how to deal with the fact that you may lose a game once in awhile.  I surely wasn’t an all-star, but I played well enough to boost my self esteem, which is all that counts.

I also remember my parents at every single game.  My dad helped coach a few years, but then found his niche to be behind home plate as the umpire.

As the Prior Lake Athletic Association registration date fast approached I asked Mallory again what her preference was whether it was soccer, T-ball or neither.  Once again she chose T-Ball.  I registered her yesterday.  Practices and games start at the end of April and I cannot wait.  The first time she stands at home plate with her bat in hand and her brightly colored team shirt on, I may tear up (let’s be real, I will tear up…) My little girl is growing up. 

If she doesn’t enjoy T-Ball, then 2011 will be her one and only year on the team roster.  I will be sort of okay with it.  She is sure to find her niche, her memory-maker, her passion and I’ll be on the sidelines, whatever they may look like, to cheer her on. 

BUT for this year, Who wants a game schedule?  A bunch of Pre-Kindergartners and Kindergarteners swinging bats and running in opposite directions all in hopes of making it back to home plate—now that is entertainment at its finest.


Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

I will definitely need a schedule! That is so exciting. I am excited to go an watch her.

Kristen said...

Sign Sienna, Justin, and I up to be her cheerleaders! Can't wait to see her out there.

Aaron Mathison said...

What is house softball? I'm picturing indoor softball (in a gym), or nerf baseball like my brother and I used to play in our parent's basement :)

I agree, t-ball/little league is one of the best forms of entertainment out there...