Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wisconsin Dells and a Trifecta


We spent the beginning half of the week at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  First, let me get this out of the way…we all survived the four hour car ride. Pfewww. I needed to get that done just to prove to myself that we would survive.  In my opinion, travelling with toddlers for any extended amount of time wears me out like I would think running a marathon would wear me out.  I won’t ever know for sure, because as you all know, I only run if I am being chased.

We colored


We ate lunch


We read books


We napped (for a few minutes)


The Jovle’s and the Eid’s experienced our first, in hopefully what ends up to be an annual event.  We all stayed together in a cozy little 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suite.  The décor was rustic, log cabinish, and when we finally got unpacked I looked outside and snow was gently falling.  This was going to be a great vacation…

We weren’t at the resort for very long before we donned our swimsuits and headed to the waterpark.  I am pretty sure both Mallory and Brent’s cheeks should be sore from all of the smiling they did.  Mallory has no fear when her daddy is by her side.  They were both in their element. 


Hanging out in the first waterpark. 




Four days before we were supposed to leave on our trip, Mikayla came down with croup and pink eye. She had a blazing fever to go along with it.  We were hopeful that by Monday morning she’d be on the road to recovery. And we thought she was…  By Monday evening it was apparent that she was not doing much better. She spiked a fever and was miserable.  She was up, clearly uncomfortable, until almost three in the morning.  The only thing that calmed her down was to watch Elmo…  Tuesday morning came after only a few hours of sleep and Brent and I had no idea whether to go home or stick it out and enjoy our vacation.  We decided to stick it out. Brent, Mallory and the gang headed to the different waterparks and Mikayla and I hung out hoping she’d feel better by the end of the day. 

Watching Elmo, the only way she stayed happy Sad smile


She slept Tuesday night so we were able to eat a delicious dinner, play some cards and sleep. Glorious sleep.  Wednesday morning we packed up (boo) and headed home.  The ride home was not nearly as smooth as the ride out. Mikayla was done. She still felt crummy and you could tell something else was brewing. We made it home, made it through the day, and she went to bed with a fever yet again.

I brought her into the doctor this morning where we found out she has an ear infection…not just one but a double ear infection.  The trifecta in her week of illnesses.  Needless to say we happily agreed to the medication hoping it wipes out whatever else is brewing in her little body. 

Let’s hope next years trip is a little less eventful on the sickness front and more eventful on the waterslide fun.

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