Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am not ready to meet the Tooth Fairy.

Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy,

I am sorry to bother you, as I understand you are sleeping due to the fact that you are a nocturnal fairy, but I just had to write you a quick letter.  I’ve tried to be in touch with Father Time, but he has not returned any of my messages, so I am assuming he has failed to talk to you about the urgent matter at hand.  You see, I’ve requested to use my “pause time” card and I am afraid you were not aware of this.  I know you are well aware of my four year old and her loose tooth, as your fairy dust was sure to be the culprit in allowing the tooth some wiggle room.  Mallory tried to eat an apple today and the pain of the loose tooth hit her like a ton of bricks. OUCH she hollered.  I asked her to point to which tooth hurt and she showed me the culprit.  Right there, her middle bottom tooth, that when I think about it, seems like just yesterday poked through her 5 month old gums, but alas it is trying to make its way OUT of her mouth.  I know, I know, you are probably rolling your glittery eyes at me.  You’ll have to forgive me.  Though you deal with thousands of teeth a night, this is my first, and I am a little nostalgic about it.  We are just a few short weeks, or (even worse) days away from the tooth falling out; will you do me a little favor?  Since I am assuming I cannot put super glue on her tooth to hold it in for a few more months (right?), when you come into her room and leave the shiny prize under her pillow, will you let me play my “pause time” card then?  Can we have a little more time before the next tooth falls out?  I only ask because time seems to be quickly getting away from me and I just want to cherish each and every day with my little girl, who from head to toe, is perfectly little and not one bit “adult”…

Thanks so much for honoring this simple request and if you wouldn’t mind, please leave your fairy shoes on the rug when you come in!

Mallory’s Mom

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