Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“Amazing” lives with us

I say the word “amazing” a lot lately. I bet you are all dying to know why (cue the eye-roll and shoulder ihavenothingbettertodo shrug).  It’s because I live with a toddler. 

It’s amazing that she can be hungry after she just ate dinner 15 minutes earlier.

It’s amazing that she can sit on the floor and play with a magazine for 7 minutes, but will throw an actual toddler toy at my face 12 seconds after I give it to her.

It’s amazing that she picks up on a new sign or word every single day. Amazing.

It’s amazing that one year ago today I was in the throws of “bounce, rock, sway” every single night for hours on end and now each night we put Mikayla to bed, its even more amazing that she sleeps for over 12 hours straight.

Mikayla at 14 months you are, for lack of a better word, amazing.


We’ve seen a big boom in your communication both verbal and non verbal this month!  It has been, well, amazing…

You sign the following words and commands consistently:

Mallory (which looks like apple)

Bye Bye













Some of the words you verbally say (though people besides mom and dad may have to decipher)





Moo (for cow)


Baa (sheep)


Hoo Hoo (owl)

Woof (dog)

Ya (yes)

Ohhh (when surprised)

You say DaDaDa and CaCaCa for a whole lot of other things while pointing at different objects. 

When asked you point to these body parts:








You are walking more then crawling and you are quickly picking up speed.  We can see the pride in your face when you walk across the room or from toy to toy.  You take one nap a day!!!  I love that we have more freedom in the morning and once you hit the crib for your one nap you take a knock-down 2.5 to 3 hour nap.  You had your first haircut this month.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit sad to see those wispy red locks fall to the floor.  No worries though, you have a TON of hair and continue to grow more and more.  One month ago you had 2 teeth and you were attempting to poke one more.  Thirty days later you are proud to smile and show off three new teeth on top, with a fourth attempting to make its way through.  You have a real attachment to your rag, your duck, and your two fingers.  There is no hiding when you are tired. You put your fingers in your mouth and stick your rag under your chin and lay on the floor. 

When you see a picture of yourself you beam, point to yourself and say “kakakakakaaaa” Sorry we picked such a hard name to say, but you sound adorable in your attempt.

If you’ve never had a toddler in your house, you should borrow one for a few days.  At the young toddler age of 14 months, there isn’t a whole lot not to love.  Challenges and frustrations are just around the corner as independence tries to rear its ugly head.  For now, we enjoy every single day with our peanut. 

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